Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 9

You survived the storm, but can you survive the day?

2nd of Desnus, 4713

Although the storm has died out, the epidemic has not. Today Badger, Narwhal Tate and The Captain exhibit the symptoms. With the storm passed, the Captain resumes the quarantine for any sick and holes up in his own quarters leaving Mr Plugg in command for the day. Even though all crewmembers struggled all night with the storm, daily chores and tasks are assigned as normal. Dalteri is assigned to the bilges. Surah is tasked to catch turtles as well as fix all meals, but in the process of preparing the food, she discovers 2 pounds of soap buried under some rotting rags by the sink. Shanun is busy mending and making repairs and tending the sick while Mykale is given lookout detail.

At the end of the shift both Shanun and Mykale are completely exhausted and collapse from fatigue. Plugg orders six lashes for both and Scourge gleefully accomodates. Five other crew members get lashes but only get three instead of six. Afterwards, Surah treats Shanun with a cure lt wounds potion and Shanun uses her channel energy to heal Mykale, then they all sleep. Dalteri and Tilly sneak off to the storeroom for some sex, but are not discovered.



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