Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 4

Aw rats!

27th of Gozran, 4713

Another day … another opportunity for being berated and mistreated by Plugg and Scourge. The party is getting accustomed to the routine of ship life. They are in the midst of carrying out their daily tasks when Jack Scrimshaw comes up onto the deck from below screaming. He is carrying on about the bilges being infested with rats. Scourge and Plugg see this as an opportunity and task the party with clearing the bilges of all rats. Even Shanun is pulled from her repair and healing chores to accompany the group. The party dispatches the rats easily after Surah casts a sleep spell, however, before this happens, Dalteri is bitten and is unknowingly infected with the disease filth fever. While the rats are sleeping, Mykale and Dalteri kill them off. After the battle, the party searches the bilges area for a few minutes and discovers a heavy mace.

After the fight the party is sent back to their tasks and the rest of the day is spent doing those while trying to recoup from their injuries and talking to the crew when they can. They are able to improve the attitudes of three crew members. At night Shanun is able to entertain the crew with a song.



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