Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 2

How to make friends and influence people

25th of Gozran, 4713

The characters wake and make preparations as best they can for the day to come. As a recognized cleric, Shanun is allowed to pray to her diety and prepare spells but is threatened that any offensive spells cast against crew will result in punishment. Since Surah has not been able to establish contact with her familiar, she is unable to prepare new spells. Since Mykale and Dalteri have both faced punishment aboard the ship, they form a mutual alliance to aid each other escape as soon as feasible. Mykale relays the story of him and Surah to Dalteri so he knows that they must leave together. Because Shanun has helped them both with healing, they ask if she wants in on any plans and she agrees. Thus the players have come together as a group working toward the goal of escaping the ship.

As the characters start to head upstairs for duty, they are blocked by four sailors; Aretta Bansion, Jaundice Jape, Flipps Chumlett and Slippery Syl Lonegan. Lonegan pushes Mykale back down the stairs and a fist fight breaks out. After a single round of combat, Dalteri coldcocks Lonegan (nat 20 +2) is dazed and blinded in his eye and Flipps decides the better part of valor and the sailors back off leaving the party to report to duty on time which causes Scourge no manner of consternation. They suffer no punishment, but Scourge decides to give each of the others 3 lashes for fighting. Duties are assigned and carried out with no more incidents during the day. Shanun does provide healing to the injured sailors which gives a positive influence for these four to show no grudges held, but they remain unfriendly.

During the course of the day, Mykale figures out that Surah’s familiar has taken a roost on the cage where the body of Harmak Gruft lies dead. He also notices there are feathers scattered about as if there was a fight between two birds. He notifies her and she recovers her familiar which she keeps in the mess with Kroops. She tells him it is a new ship mascot.

Because of stories of the morning’s fight making the rounds, Dalteri is challenged to arm wrestling. He wins three matches before losing to Owlbear Hartshorn. While Dalteri keeps the crew entertained, Mykale breaks into the Quartermaster’s store and recovers the player’s gear and Rosie’s fiddle.



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