Skull & Shackles

Week 5 Summary - Slithering Coast

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22-28 Desnus, 4713

After the weeks of torment on the Wormwood under Captain Harrigan, and then the Man’s Promise, under Mr Plugg, this week was a veritable vacation. After fighting off the attack of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, the PCs are left in charge of the Man’s Promise and Dalteri is selected as the Captain by all aboard. After departing Bonerack Isle, the PCs decide to take the ship and set out to ge it refitted or “squibbed”. There are two relatively minor encounters at seas before they reach port. All characters infected by the ghouls of Bonerack Isle recover from their disease before the ship makes port at a small hidden outpost called Rickety’s Squibs.

The Captain successfully negotiates the reconfiguration and upgrading of the Man’s Promise. However, since the repairs will take over a week’s time,the crew is left to relax and recurperate in and around the town. Due to the popularity of the Captain, the crew does not make any trouble ashore. Meeting up with a small group of Tengu Jinx Eaters, Dalteri agrees to take them to Senghor with two agreeing to join the crew. This is seen by the other crew members as a sign of good fortune and luck.

While in port, the party winds up coming to the aid of Rickety’s workers twice when they are attacked, first by a water naga seeking refuge from the searing heat and a incutilis which stumbles into town. This second attack almost leads to the death of Surah, but the PCs prevailed after a bumbling struggle which saw the PCs overcome numerous critical fumbles. Due to these attacks, the party delays an expedition to seek the source of Surah’s dreams and the almost constant pull she has felt since arriving in port.

The party is a day east of the small bay and outpost when the week comes to an end.



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