Skull & Shackles

Week 1 Summary - The Wormwood

Join the Navy, see the world

24-30 Gozran, 4713

The party is pressganged in Port Peril and forced into service aboard the Wormwood under the command of Captain Barnabas Harrigan. They are each assigned duties and are harrassed by the officers of the ship, but primarily by Master Scourge and Mr Plugg. Through stealth and cunning the players eventually recover all their gear. They find a friend in the form of Sandara Quinn who helps them get accomodated with the routine and patterns of life aboard the ship. Over the coarse of the week, the party is able to make friends with several crewmembers.

On the second day, the party is assaulted by several pirates who pick a fight, but the party easily dispatches them and makes morning rounds which infuriates Scourge. This encounter places a mark on the party in the eyes of Scourge for the embarassment of his “trap” backfiring. He seeks any opportunity to humiliate and punish the party members.

The parties first real encounter is when they are sent below deck to clear out some dire rats who have somehow hidden in a grain shipment. Surah puts the rats to sleep and the men dispatch them, however, before the spell is cast Dalteri is bitten and is infected with filth fever. Because the disease does not manifest itself for a few days, he inadvertantly infects several crew members and a small epidemic is unleashed.

Prior to the epidemic hitting, Dalteri is singled out for punishment one night and is forced to fight Mr Plugg’s “pet”; Owlbear Hartshorn. After taking a massive blow which hurts him significantly, Dalteri discovers Owlbear’s weakness, blindness in the left eye, and is able to avoid any further attacks and in turn is able to subdue the brute, thus winning his friendship and Scourge’s enmity.

The day after the fight, the epidemic begins to hit the crew and a storm begins to brew at sea.



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