Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 1

It started from a tropic port aboard a tiny ship

24th of Gozran, 4713

The characters wake in the dark, musty hold of the Wormword, After a few seconds of disorientation, the characters realize that they wear nothing more than the clothes on their back, all their gear has been stripped away. Aside from the PCs, there are five other “sailors” with them that have obviously suffered the same fate: they have been pressganged.

The sound of heavy boots approach the door and they hear the jingle of keys as a lock is turned. The the door is kicked open and the light of a bright lantern pierces the darkness and temporarily blinds you. The crack of a whip is the first introduction the characters get to Mister Scourge. Dalteri attempts to bull rush him but is met by three pirates who gut punch him and hit him with a sap. Another of the sailors make a break for the door and he is caught around the neck by Scourge’s whip and he is also soundly beaten. After the initial meeting, the players are all escorted up to the main deck.

Once on the deck, the characters are introduced to Captain Barnabas Harrigan and the First Mate, Mister Plugg. The Captain threatens the characters. When Mykale speaks up, he too is whipped by Scourge. After the beating the Captain gives a speech about his one rule: “Don’t speak to me.” He commands Plugg to get the “crew” in shape and ready for duty. The characters are given the first test of climbing the rigging to the crow’s nest. In the process of taking the test, one of the other conscripts falls from the rigging from near the crow’s nest and lands on the deck breaking his neck and killing him. His body is discarded over the side. The test is won by one of the non-player crew. Surah is appointed as the Cook’s mate and is sent down to meet Fishguts Kroop. Dalteri, Mykale and Shanun are appointed as swabs and become part of the general crew.

The rest of the day is spent learning their various jobs and trying to avoid punishment. Shanun is found to be a cleric and is appointed to assist the ship’s surgeon; Habbly Quarne. The characters manage to make it through the rest of their first day without getting any additional punishment beyond what has already been suffered. They spend their time trying to learn the general layout of the ship and the daily workings of the ship: schedule, duties, other crew members, etc.

At the evening meal time, the crew witnesses “The Bloody Hour” where a crew member is punished for stealing from the quartermaster. The man, Jakes Magpie, is questioned by Scourge and admits his crime. The Captain orders him to be keelhauled which is carried out by Mr Plugg. Mykale notices how much Plugg relishes carrying out the punishment which results in Jakes dying. Shanun notices the severity of the wounds but is unable to tell how much blood was lost. It appears that the injuries caused the man to lose consciousness and he drowned. His body is thrown overboard and it attracts several sharks which consume what little is left.

After dinner, all crew members, including the PCs are given their rum ration and are allowed to relax until bed time. Sandara Quinn approaches Shanun and returns her choker with holy symbol attached. She also returns Mykale’s thieves tools. She gives all the PCs a rundown on how things work on the ship and who all the crew members are. The rest of the night is spent recovering from the injuries from the first day with the help of some secretive healing from Sandara.



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