Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 8

If not for the courage of the fearless crew...

1st of Desnus, 4713

The storm hits full force as does the epidemic. Today Grok and Slippery Syl are showing signs of the disease. Due to the force of the storm, the Captain has changed his orders and all crew are called on deck to guide the ship through the storm. All party members are assigned rigger duty for the duration of the storm vice their normal daily tasks. Shanun and Surah are assigned rigging repair. Dalteri is given rope work detail and Mykale is made to serve lookout duty.

Because of the storm there is no evening retreat or entertainment and all are forced to work a second shift. This time, Mykale and Shanun are performing upper rigging work while Surah handles the standard rope work. Dalteri is given mainsail duty. Shanun and Surah both see Shivkah washed overboard and try and throw rope to him but are not successful. They notify Dalteri and Mykale who also try and fail to get a rope to him. Surah then grabs the rope and ties it around her waist and jumps into the water and swims it over to him and then helps him get back to the ship.

Over the course of the night, the storm slowly peeters out. Although the party and crew are busy, there are no additional major incidents. Word of the rescue begins to make its way through the crew and even the Captain has to commend the party for saving a crewmember, but he also berates them for leaving their posts. In the end, they receive no punishment.



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