Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 5

Getting to know the Owlbear

28th of Gozran, 4713

The day starts out much like the others however, Mykale is reassigned to rigger duties after Scourge and Plugg have a discussion to break up the group a bit. Mykale learns the detail fairly quickly, but since it is a new task, he is fatigued at the end of the day. But he does manage to improve the attitude of one sailor (Shortstone) toward the party. Dalteri is assigned rope work for the first time and is pretty sloppy with it. He is targeted for punishment for poor work. Surah is tasked with preparing all the meals as Kroop is drunk most of the day. She finds out it is his birthday and makes him a small treat without the Captain finding out. Shanun goes about her duties of treating wounds and making minor repairs as needed. Between Surah and Shanun’s Heal skills, all party members regain 2 hp from yesterdays fight.

At the evening bell, when the crew is gathered to watch the handing out of lashes, Plugg suggest rather than lashes, Dalteri face “The Owlbear for a bit of sport.” The crew is excited as they have not seen a decent fight in such a long time. The fight starts out with both men trading blows. Dalteri notices that Owlbear is blind in his left eye and uses that to keep himself out of his line of direct vision which gives him the ability to dodge Owlbear’s rather clumsy attacks. After landing his first blow, Owlbear never lays another finger on Dalteri. Eventually Plugg throws him a club to use, but he still misses with his attacks and Dalteri never takes up a weapon so as not to kill him. Eventually Dalteri beats him to the point where he tries to back away from the fight and even though Scourge and Plugg try to force the action, Dalteri allows him to retreat rather than beat him mercilessly. Scourge gives Dalteri a lash for showing mercy, Dalteri responds “I’ll be sure to not show any mercy if you are in the circle.” Scourge begins to step in, but then backs down and the circle breaks up. The rest of the evening goes as normal. Mykale and Dalteri sleep to recover from fatigue and damage. Surah entertains the crew with a dance after losing a bet with Cogsward.



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