Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 11

A special treat for the Captain

4th of Desnus, 4713

Slowly the epidemic is starting to fade, but there is one crewman who is not getting better, Badger. Normal duties are assigned with Dalteri stuck hauling rope, Shanun mending sails and caring for minor crew injuries and Mykale performing lookout. Surah tasked to help prepare a special meal for the Captain and officers. As such, when Mykale spots a series of reefs, Plugg calls all the party members together along with Jack Scrimshaw. They are assigned to go ashore to the reef and fill the crab pots for the dinner. The party begins to hunt for crabs when the are attacked by four reefclaws. Shanun detects the attack developing and warns the party.

The battle is fairly chaotic as Mykale, Shanun and Surah are hit and poisoned by the reefclaws. A wayward claw attack from Surah hits Dalteri, but the big hero from the fight is Jack who goes unscathed. The poison wears off fairly quickly and is only a minor nuisance. Shanun uses her channel energy ability twice to heal the characters.

The characters complete their crabbing mission and even manage to bring back the reefclaws in addition to the filled crab pots. When the party returns to the ship, Mykale is taken to Quarne’s quarters and is further treated and returned to duty.

Due to the inclusion of the reefclaws, the Captain’s special dinner is a major success and rewards the party with a special item from his own personal treasure collection, a potion of cure moderate wounds. Plugg and Scourge are furious at the parties success and make plans to eliminate them as soon as possible. Two crewmembers are swayed to the parties side, one of which is Grok who warns the party that Plugg plans to inspect quarters on the next day in hopes of planting “stolen” goods on the party to exact punishment.



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