Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 10

Just another day for you and me in paradise

3rd of Desnus, 4713

For the first time in several days, the crew finally gets a seemingly quiet day. The epidemic still rages as two new crew members, Rosie and Ratline show signs of the disease, but the rest of the crew goes about their normal duties as Mr Plugg commands the ship for a second day. Mykale is assigned line work, Dalteri and Shanun work on repairs while Surah is busy catching fish for the nights meal. The party is able to use the time during the day to influence 4 crew members.

While Surah is fishing a school of sharks begin going after the fish she attempts to catch. As some crew members come over to investigate, a crewman friendly to Scourge bumps into Surah and knocks her overboard “by accident.” Surah uses her sea animal empathy to befriend all the sharks except one which attacks her. She uses her empathy to make the other sharks “protect” her until she can get out of the water. Mykale and Dalteri both noticed that she is pushed by Flips Chumlett. Dalteri threatens and intimidates him that if she is injured, he will make sure the Captain finds out he tried to kill a crew member. They both get a rope to Surah and pull her out as the sharks fight amongst themselves.

After the incident, Surah returns to the galley to finish the meal and in the process discovers a spear tucked behind a storage cabinet for spices.

At Bloody Hour, Scourage is placed in a position where he must “investigate” the attempted murder, but neither Mykale or Dalteri finger Flips. This is a positive influence on him. At night, Surah and Shanun both talk to Grok, woman-to-woman improving her disposition to the party. Mykale entertains the crew with some gambling and stories.



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