Skull & Shackles

The Man's Promise - Day 5

Land Ho!!

20th of Desnus, 4713

The storms continues through the night with the crew working shifts as described earlier. The ship is woefully off course and just as the light of the morning sun begins to the lighten the sky, a cry goes out of land ho!! And within miuntes of the cry, the ship is ricked and shudders as it runs aground. The crew begins to make preparations to abandon ship, but a quick investigation reveals that the ship although holed on the starboard side in the main hold area adjacent to the ship’s water barrel. The ship is not in immediate danger but will eventually sink if repairs are not made.

As dawn breaks, Plugg calls the crew together on deck to hand out new orders. He wants the the deck to be disassembled in order to repair the hull. Master Scourge will lead the effort. As the roll is taken, it is discovered that Sandara Quinn and Slippery Syl are missing. Plugg declares they must have been washed overboard during the storm. As the repair work begins, one of the crew finds signs of something climbing aboard the ship….and the clerics holy symbol. The PCs relate the story of how they too were attacked by some creatures that look like a cross between goblins and octopii. One of the crew claims these to be grindylows. Mykale points out that if Quinn was washed overboard she would have not dropped her symbol; it was obviously left as a clue for the crew to find. Plugg dismisses this theory and says that if the missing crew couldn’t fend off a “few measly miniature squidmen, then they don’t need to be part of this crew as I expect bloodthirsty swags.” Mykale then asks to lead a search party ashore to search for them. Plugg again dismisses this idea. “It is better to lose a few expendable scum and get the ship to Port Peril than to risk crossing Captain Harrigan.”

Dalteri retorts, “Why are you worried about crossing Captain Harrigan now? We haven’t been headed for Port Peril since we lost sight of the Wormwood.” Plugg’s hand goes to the hilt of his cutlass but before he can draw it a sailor comes up on deck screaming that the water barrel has been punctured and the ship has lost its fresh water supply. Plugg grumbles and then declares that the PCs will go ashore and find fresh water and provisions. He also declares that the repairs will take until darkness the next day and that the ship will leave at high tide on the day after.

The party gears up and takes the cutter ashore. This starts the clock ticking for the PCs



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