Skull & Shackles

Rickety's Squibs - Day 3

Is that nagahyde?

27th of Desnus, 4713

The party gathers their gear in preparation to escorting Surah to find the cause of her unnatural urges and the dreams she suffers from. She says the pulls is coming from the east. As the party is making their way by the boathouse, they can see several of the offduty workers preparing a game of ninepins. They ask the PCs if they want to play, but the party declines and explains they are on an expedition and could be gone a couple of days.

Just as they turn away there is a cry from the drydock area and a splash as one of the workers is attacked by something in the river. The party moves immediately to aid the workers and defend them from whatever is attacking. Coming to the defense they see an enraged water naga who has attacked two workers. One is bitten severely and the other is whipslapped by the tail. Qichalo is the first to enter the water but is unable to hit the creature. Shanun casts shield of faith and moves forward to attack. Surah jumps into the water and heals the seriously injured worker, then passes her off to other workers to be pulled from the water. As Dalteri moves to attack, he trips over one of the scattered tenpins and falls upon his own sword for critical damage. Mykale trips over Dalteri and pulls a muscle in the process. (-1 hit/dmg) As he tries to regain his feet, Mykale stumbles again and winds up kicking his sword off the dock and into the water. Sandara finally makes contact with the creature. Surah swings wildly and hits Dalteri and Shanun. Qichalo finally hits and does signigficant damage while ChikChak provides a minor distraction. Sandara casts bless on the PCs and allies. Shanun casts silence to prevent the naga of casting spells. Owlbear and Cog respond to the initial sounds of combat and yeling from the workers and join the fray. Finally Qichalo is able to gore the snake and get a wrap around its neck with a tentacle and eventually strangles it, ending the combat but those bitten continue to suffer the effects of it’s poison.

After combat is over, the party recovers and recuperates. Shanun and Sandara each channel energy to heal the group some. Rickety thanks Dalteri and says he will knock off 500gp off the price of the squib due to their assistance in defending his workers. The town steward arrives and heals the PCs. Because of the attack, the party delays their expedition until tomorrow in order to give a full day of healing and rest.

The rest of the day is relatively quiet, until screams come from the housing area beyond the boathouse draws the PCs and the Steward to respond. They come across a zombie-like being with a shelled helmet and tentacles. Qichalo says this is an incutilis and needs to wiped out. Surah is hit and grabbed. The party all hit the zombie but does little damage with each hit. In the process of trying to break free, Surah slips and hits her head and is dazed. Qichalo warns the party to break Surah free before the thing can hit her again. Sandara is finally able to break her free and pulls her away. The zombie next grabs Dalteri, but Sandara hits the zombe and the helmet falls away and the zombie collapes. As it falls, the tentacles pull free of the zombie and wither and draw up into the shell, the incutilis finally dead. No one in town recognizes the zombie victim so it is assumed that he is from
somewhere up the river. He appears to be of the tribes, but can not determine exact racial stock outside of Garundi. Afterwards, the party settles down to rest and prepare for their trip tomorrow. Dalteri decides to leave Qichalo in town and take Sandara with the group.



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