Skull & Shackles

Rickety's Squibs - Day 2

26th of Desnus, 4713

With the crew of the Man’s Promise without a ship for the next week, Capt Dalteri gives them liberty for the next 5 days. However rather than sending everyone off in different directions, He breaks them up into 4 5-person teams, each with at least one officer in charge. Each team is given an assignment.

Team 1 – fresh food
Rosie, Maheem, Zahir, Fishguts, Qichalo
Team 2 – fresh water
Eshe, Syl, Jawara, Owlbear, Flips
Team 3 – goods and equipment
Cog, Aretta, Sefu, Amara, Turloch
Team 4: PCs – investigate area and recruit new crew
Dalteri, Mykale, Surah Shanun, Sandara

Qichalo makes quite an impression in town and although he is not harrassed, most of the workers give him a wide berth. To help win over the town he finds some reefclaws in a small coastal area and brings them back for a feast meal for the workers as well as for the ship.

A couple of the tengus have approached Dalteri and have asked to join the crew after dropping off the others at Senghor. Dalteri accepts the offer.

The PCs visit Godwin’s watch and question Godwin. He tells the PCs that the region is in the midst of a draught and the supply ship from Bloodcove is still at least a week away. They figure out how the signalling system works and discover Godwin is a tremendous drunk. They promise to bring him a bottle of rum on their next visit in a few days.

Sandara and Shanun meet the town Steward, Chandra Bristlewick, a druid in service to Gozreh. She questions them on events and how they came to “the Squibs.” Sandara tells the tale of how they were shipwrecked and rescued only to be attacked by Plugg and Scourge. Sandara says the PCs not only saved her from a tribe of grindlows, but the entire crew from the machinations of Plugg and Scourge.

At the end of the day, the teams return and report the impact of the draught on the region around town. The river is down and there are signs of the jungle beginning to dry up and die off in some areas. As part of the feast prepared by Kroops and Surah, the crew entertains the workers with tales. Eshe shares a story of the history of the Man’s Promise and a battle and flight through the Arches of Aroden when a Thuvian pirate vessel squared off against Chelish Navy ships.



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