Skull & Shackles

Rickety's Squibs - Day 1

The Art of the Deal

25th of Desnus, 4713

Man’s Promise finally reaches sight of the Slithering Coast and makes its way to a small promontory along the shoreline. As the Man’s Promise begins to come around the the tall headland, a hidden cove at the mouth of a wide jungle river comes into view. The waters of the river are an ugly muddy brown which oozes into the bright crystal blue of the Fever Sea to stain it the way a bruise stains the skin. A series of docks dot the river banks along the edge of the overhanging jungle. Small huts can be seen in the recesses of the shadows from the trees. A wooden watch tower stands alone on the promontory of the headland, carefully concealed among the trees now reveals itself as you see a checkerd red and yellow flag is raised above the tower. In response a blue flag is hoisted on a yardarm in the dock area. Looking through a spyglass you can see several humans board a longboat and begin rowing out toward the ship. As the boat approaches, they ask the ship to drop anchor along with permission to come aboard. Captain Thaeln grants it.

He greets Rickety Hake, former buccaneer and proprietor of Rickety’s Squibs. After some initial small talk and negotiation, Rickety gives an initial quote of a minimum of one week and 2500gp to complete the work. While Dalteri negotiates, Fishguts Kroop bring some food and rum up to the deck and Rickety is impressed with the food, as well as a few winks from Surah who helps serve the food. He agrees to cut the cost by 500gp “for an old friend who brings him a new friend.” Rickety informs Dalteri that He can also make improvements to the ship. Dalteri agrees to the smuggling holds and a new figurehead. Dalteri agrees to the deal and Rickety asks to allow His men to take the ship into dry dock. Captain Thaeln shows Rickety their treasure to verify they have the means to pay for the repairs.

The crew of Man’s Promise is allowed to go ashore and carouse and explore the small hamlet. Most of the sailors hang around the building known as The Commons or watch their ship being hauled out of the water and into the dry dock. As promised, Dalteri allows any sailor who wishes to leave the crew do so, however, no one takes up the offer, but rather they all decide to reup for the next leg of their journey…wherever that may take them. However, the ship is still slightly shorthanded and so recruiting begins. Dalteri has promised to not press gang any from town.

Rickety instructs the pirates that they can stay in the Commons while the ship is in repair but all food and drink and equipment will cost them normal prices. Once the crew is ashore, the rest of the day is spent in drink and food and carousing. However, toward dusk a group of tengu jinx eaters enter town from along the western coast. They inquire about finding passage to Sengthor in the Mwangi expanse. Dalteri informs them that if they are willing to wait then they can find passage on His ship….or can enlist as part of the crew. The leader of the tengu says he will consider the offer and give him an answer the next day.



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