Skull & Shackles

Bonewrack Isle - The Swamp

All ashore who's going ashore

20th of Desnus, 4713

The party pushes away from the Man’s Promise and begin rowing ashore. Surah sends her familiar on ahead to scout out the island and see if she can detect and obvious signs of inhabitants and places to land. The waters around the island are crystal clear and with the weather clearing quickly, you can makeout several details. There are coral reefs surrounding the island on nearly all sides and it is one of these just off the northeast tip of the island. The island is covered mostly with a thick jungle growth with the exception of the tall crag on the very northern tip of the island. As the party draws nearer, they can see a series of small skeletons dotted along the coastline. These skeleton statues are in various poses and different states of decay, but as far as you can tell, they are not animated.

After 30 minutes of searching for an adequate spot to land the party finally comes ashore at what appears to be an abandoned fishing village on the north shore between the cliffline of the western short and the crag at the northeast tip. The village consists of several mud huts which are delabidated and in ruin. It appears this vllage was abandoned long ago. A quick search reveals a worn path leading away from the village and deeper into the surrounding jungle. Following the path soon leads the party through a dense overgrown swamp. Dalteri take the lead with Mykale and they begin hacking their way through the overgrowth.


The pathway slips slowly down a slight incline to a large green bog. Remnants of an old wooden bridge cross the bog, but there are only short timber platforms at each end, leaving the pilings jutting up from the brackish muddy water. A quick survey reveals the area is largely quicksand with the exception o the salt river running through the area. Surah and Shanun notice the thick canopy of trees above the swamp. Surah attempts to climb across trhough the branches, but is unsuccessful and falls into the river. She does not take damage from the fall, but does draw the attention of two giant frogs. The frogs attack with surprise, but weeks of not feeding cause them to be sluggish and they miss as the adversaries square off. Two quick blows from Mykale and one frog is dead. ChikChak even attacks and two claw attacks dig in deep for a serious wound on the second one before Mykale swiftly moves over to finish it off. The party manages to finally cross the bog and continues along the path.


The path suddenly opens into a clearing in the swamp. A terrible stench fills the air, a fetid odor of cheap perfume and rotting flesh. A huge tree stands in the middle of the clearing, draped with some sort of huge tent. Lurid painted faces cover both the tree trunk and the tent, and both are decorated with rotting humanoid body parts and carpets of swarming insects. The party draws weapons as they causiously approach the tent. As they draw near, Mykale peeks through the a slit in the side of the tent and sees that the tent is lashed around the trunk of the tree with several piles of filthy clothes and rotting human remains. At the base of the tree is a vast bed of moldering cushions upon which lounges three horrid desicated humans wearing the attire of prostitutes. Swarms of flies buzz around the bodies. The party sets up an attck parameter around the entrance. Surah sends ChiChak inside to fly around and startle and arouse them, and three ghouls come running out to try and catch the offending beast. The party gets surprise and all hit once. The party is able to finish off two of the ghouls on the first attack round when Shanun channels positive energy, but Dalteri is bitten and concocts ghoul fever. He is later hit with a claw attack and is paralyzed before Mykale finishes it off. After battle, the paralysis wears off and the party searches and discovers the whore’s treasure in and amongst the cushion pile. After vacating the tent, the party continues with their search of the island.



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