Skull & Shackles

Bonewrack Isle - The Coastal Fields

The view is killer

20th of Desnus, 4713

After slogging through the swamp for a couple hours, the party finally breaks out into a wide expansive beach. Towering palm tress stretch along a white sand beach for a mile or so. Dalteri notices and points out a small set of palms where coconuts seem to have fallen and busted. “Whatever is on this island appears to like eating at those trees.” As the party approaches the closest tree, they can hear a rustling come from the palmtop and a giant crab attacks. The commotion from the attack draws the attention of two other crabs who also join the fight. The first one is dispacthed fairly quickly and the party moves to attack the second of the trio. Dalteri uses the pike to pin the second one with Mykale and Shanun move in for the kill. The third one proves to be the most trouble as it grabs and squeezes Dalteri. The others work to free him and eventually kill off the beast. After the battle, wounds are bound and Shanun channels energy to heal the party a bit. After eating a bit of fallen coconuts, they gather some up more and collect some crab meat along with a sack full of small regular crabs to take back to the ship.


The PCs come to a fork in the path. Left leads through a clearing and into what appears to be an overgrown field of some kind of corn. Going right leads up the slopes of the jungle-covered hills to the cliffs that stretch along the northwest side of the island. Although they can gather supplies in the field, the group decides to check out the cliffs for any signs of their lost shipmates.


It takes the party a couple of hours of hacking their way up the steep path, but they eventually come to a clearing with where a small well-built timber stockade surrounds a small lodge. Vines wrap and strangle a great tree next to the lodge, blocking out light from above. There is a small bubbling spring next to the cabin. The gate to the stockade is ajar and the spiked wooden posts stand 7 ft high. The party can see a spyglass fixed atop the stockade wall. Surah and Dalteri investigate and discover the spyglass is fixed to look at a specific location. As Mykale looks through the spyglass, he notices several grindylows playing in the waters outside a cave…and one appears to be wearing Quinn’s hat. At about the time this happens, a squawk from ChikChak alerts the party to the approaching vine chokers. After a brief struggle against the quick tiny beasts the party kills them off. After the fight Shanun channel energy sgain, but when she does, something cries out from inside the lodge and the group rushes in to investigate. Inside they find what looks like a decayed dead body with a metal collar hanging from a chain. Rather than approach within arm’s reach, Mykale pumps it full of arrows until it dies. Even trapped, it takes 3 shots before it is killed. As the party fully enters the lodge, they can smell the stench of from Ivy’s decayed body and are swarmed by a huge swarm of botflies that has been drawn there because of the smell. Dalteri tells the party to create as much smoke as possible so they make few impromptu torches from rags and let them create smoke and fumes to keep the swarm at bay. After the party investigates the lodge, ChikChak informs Surah of a nest in the trees. Mykale climbs up and discovers the chokers nest.

Once all investigation at the stockade is complete the party decides to descend to the cove they saw though the spyglass. As the party decends from the stockade down to the southwest beach, Mykale notices a dark shape off the coast in the water that could be a sunken ship. Group decides that if they have time, they might investigate after searching the caves.



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