Skull & Shackles

20th of Desnus, 4713

After a climb down the jungle covered slopes, the party reaches the beach area outside of the entrance to the cave complex (D2). The party can see what looks like 4 grindylows guarding the entrance and so far they do not think they have been spotted. The party strikes with surprise and easily wipes out the guards and enter the caves. The party is attacked by stirges when they get to the cliffs they previously examined from above (D1). After a long hectic struggle in which Dalteri and Mykale both get hit and have blood drained, they eventually kill off the horrid birds. After that battle, the party finds their way into a small cavern (D7) carved to resemble the interior of some great sea creature with “ribs” towering over and around the chamber. Upon entering, the party is attacked by a group of grindylows. After a short but deadly struggle, the party defeats them, but take siginificant damage which requires the cleric to channel energy to heal the group. After defeating the grindlows, the party discovers some treasure in and among the seaweed and skeleton fetishes.


After a short pause to rest and bind wounds, the party presses deeper into the caverns. Slipping through narrow cuts in the stone, they pass through two non-descript caverns with barnacles and carvings much like the previous one. Like that one there are snags woven into the seaweed which hinder the parties movement but cause no real damage. They come to a third chamber and something seems different. Dalteri detects a disguised metal grate in the ceiling which is set to fall and trap the PC beneath the water. Mykale finds the trigger mechanism and successfully disables the trap. The party moves carefully to the next chamber which ChikChak tells Surah has some kind of large tentacled beast in a pool of water guarding an exit tunnel. Surah ask the party to hold back and let try and calm the creature. She does more than that, she is able to be friend the creature and turn it into an ally with her Sea Creature Empathy (Nat 20). She is able to establish some minor communications with the fish who says “the Brinebrood Queen keeps two humans in cages in the cauldron.” and indicates down a specific tunnel.


The party makes its way down the indicated tunnel and after slipping and pulling free of the various hooks sewn through the seaweed, they come into a large naturally carved cavern. Hundreds of remains float in this large bowl of water, churning with bones, scraps of flesh and the carcasses of strange, almost alien fish. Just visible through the roiling stew are humanoid bodies floating in the water, wan corpses drifting near the bottom of this cauldron like sleeping guardians. Hanging by seaweed ropes are the two captive pirates from the Man’s Promise, Sandara and Syl. They each have their hands tied and looks to have metal bars tied around their wrists and ankles to weight them down. Both look like they have been savaged a bit by either the grindlows or by the two abberrations floating in the water in this room: a slightly larger grindylow whom the party assumes is the queen, and a bloated monstrosity with a gaping toothy maw. As the party enters, the queen shrieks out and cuts the ropes which hold the captives, sending them splashing and sinking into the maelstrom that fills this room.

There is an intial flurry of intense activity. The queen attempts to cast barkskin but she is hit mid cast and it fails but she does summon an octopus with her wand. Mykale and Surah make intial attacks then dive to save their crewmates. Dalteri is attacked by the bloated monstrosity while Shanun goes after the queen. The party takes advantage of some well-timed critical hits by party members and critical misses by the animals. Plus the devilfish make some crucial hits.

As Mykale and Surah dive to save their shipmates, he is able to see that the bodies they saw when entering are actually lacedons; a form of sea ghouls, but they are chained in place and have limited range to attack. The bloated beast, although weakened from the hits it absorbed manages to swallow Dalteri whole before the queen casts entangle which ensnares Shanun. The octopus attacks Shanun and grapples her while Mykale kills off the Queen just as Dalteri cuts his way out of the monstous beast killing it off. The party turns their attention to the lacedons.

The party dives down into the cauldron of churning water and quickly dispatches the lacedons getting one critical hit by Mykale and the others taking their shots at the other one. However, the lacedons both get in some damaging shots before they are killed off, which do not individually do much, but collectively brings the parties hit points down to a lower level. Shanun continues to struggle with the octopus

As soon as the lacedons are defeated, another wave of grindylows pour int the room and attack. Mykale and the Devilfish move to block the passage but it is Surah who deals the real damage as she takes out two with her claw attacks and as one tries to move around, she takes it out with an attack of opportunity as it turns its back. As the front line of grindlows tangle with the Devilfish two others move to flank it and encounter Dalteri who is impaled by a critical hit and is left to die and drown as the grindylows turn to focus on the rest of the party. Sandara dives into the cauldron and rescues Dalteri from drowning. She also stabilizes the bleeding and prevents him from dying. Mykale and Surah struggle for two more rounds but eventually finish off the grindylows as the devilfish draws their attacks. Shanun continues to grapple with the octopus. After the grindylows are destroyed, Surah gets a critical hit on the octopus which finishes it off and brings combat to a merciful end.

The party uses the time after combat to heal and collect treasure in the cauldron as the water level slowly retreats toward low tide. Amongst the treasure the party finds a cure potion which they use on Dalteri. Shanun uses the last of her energy channeling to heal the group. After a couple of hours the party decides to depart the cave system to find shelter for the night. The party gives Sandara her holy symbol back and she uses her channel energy as well although she can not cast spells


As the party makes their way from the caverns, they pass through a small naturally carved chamber with a metal grate mesh on the floor As they work their way through the room, two lacedons reach up through the bars of the grate to surprise attack. Sandara and Surah are both hit and paralyzed. The rest of the party attacks and easily dispatches the ghouls. Once the paralysis wears off, they continue out of the caves. They pass through another large room that is decorated with fish bones and resembles the throat of a large sea creature. The party finds the rest of Sandara’s gear in here and returns it to her.


As the party emerges from the cave complex they notice the sun is setting and decide to set up camp on the beach here. As the water hits low tide they can detect just a hint of a sunken ship off the coast. The party makes plans to investigate in the morning. As the group settles down for the night, Sandara informs them of Plugg’s plan to eliminate the group as soon as possible. She expects that he will use this as an opportunity to do sonow that the PCs are away from the ship. The watch order is set as follows: Shanun, Surah, Dalteri, Mykale, Syl, Sandara.



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