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Port Peril! Capital of the The Shackles. Actually capital may not be the best term to use as The Shackles is not your typical nation. More a loose confederacy of Free Captains all serving their own personal agendas, but acquiescing to the preferences of the most powerful Captain in the area, the infamous Hurricane King; Capt Kerdak Bonefist. As the Hurricane King, his port of choice has always been Port Peril, thus its standing as the most important port, and defacto capital.

Normally you would avoid the troubles associated with hanging around or near pirates, but here in The Shackles, everyone was a pirate, or knew one. Trying to keep a low profile in a pirate den is never easy, but tonight you have decided to try and avoid trouble as you are expecting to leave tomorrow to continue your travels. To that end you plan to find a fairly quiet tavern for one final meal in town before getting a good night’s sleep in a warm bed. Thus you find yourself outside The Crying Maid.

The Crying Maid for all practicable purposes was no different than any other tavern in Port Peril. It was dingy with a hint of mold growing on the wooden boards on the outside. The paint on the sign hanging above the door was faded from years of inattention and exposure. Stepping inside did not improve the view. Inside, it was loud and boisterous as one would expect of any establishment frequented by pirates. Games of chance were taking place in dark corners while drunken sailors tried to impress the lovely serving wenches in hopes of winning a kiss…or even greater rewards. You find a table along the west wall back by the entrance to the servery and quietly order your meal and drink. The waitress brings your drink over as your food is being prepared in the back and gives you a wink.

Looking around you take a deep sip of the drink. It is cold, refreshing and hits the spot. Quite refreshing indeed. That is the last thing you remember before you wake up. The only problem is where you wake up is not warm…nor is it your bed. It is dark with very little light and all you can think to yourself as you try and shake off the cobwebs is, “Why is the room rocking?”

Skull & Shackles

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