Skull & Shackles

Hag's Eye - Day 8 (The Fever Sea)
Smoke on the water
8th of Sarenith, 4713

The party wakes up to the sight of smoke rising over the horizon to the south. Dalteri orders the ship to turn and make for the smoke. After a couple hours the ship arrives off the coast of a small island with the ruins of a small campsite. It appears the entire camp was put to flame but it only smolders now, no longer actively burning. The PCs go ashore to investigate. They find no survivors, but they do find footprints which lead into the dense brush of the island. The group decides to investigate and follows the tracks.

Hag's Eye - Day 7 (The Fever Sea)
Catch me if you can
7th of Sarenith, 4713

Having made good their escape from Senghor, the crew of the Hag’s Eye depart to the west to get some separation from any possible pursuers before deviating from course.

Some time before sunrise the Hag’s Eye turns south into the Fever Sea to try and avoid a line of storms from the west. After the storm line passes in the afternoon, the ship turns once more to the west and heads out toward the Arcadian Ocean. There are no other encounters.

Senghor - Day 2
Overstaying our Welcome
6th of Sarenith, 4713

The bulk of the day is spent completing the offloading and onloading of treasures and supplies as deals made the previous day are consummated in trade. That night Dalteri gives him men some R&R. While out carousing at a tavern they get caught up into a major fight with the crew of another ship. Dalteri and Mykale are summoned by the militia to the barracks where they meet the Captains of two other ships in dock. They are all informed of the fight and the arrest of their men as being involved in the fight. Fines of 500gp are levied against each ship for damages to the tavern. All the ships are also told to complete any business in town and be gone by noon tomorrow. The Captains are held “as guests of the city” while their mates go back to collect the coin.

Mykale, convinces Surah, Shanun and Sandara to perpetrate a scheme to pay the fine without costing the ship anything. Dalteri waits for the ship to send over payment. While he waits, Surah pretends to try and cast a spell to steal the money from the courier. Shanun comes out and pretends to protect the man and “drive off the witch.” In fact she charms the courier to deliver the money to Dalteri and to call him “Captain Thaeln.” The sailor does indeed carry out the instructions and delivers the money right in front of his own Captain, and then returns to his ship. As the other Captain screams and hollers and threatens to attack Dalteri, the militia men on guard prevent another battle. Dalteri thanks the Captain for his generosity and then departs.

Everyone returns to the ship and the Hag’s Eye departs in the night before anyone can notice and prevent them from leaving port.

Week 6 Summary - Senghor
Bungle in the Jungle

29 Desnus – 5 Sarenith, 4713

The crew of The Hag’s Eye have finally set out on their own and are starting on their journey to adventure and freedom within The Shackles and the surrounding seas. The first week is spent transporting passengers to Senghor, but it is still a week filled with a bit of adventure as the ship encounters a few denizens of the sea.

The big event was surviving a massive attack by a tribe of skum just north of Senghor. However, once safely in port, the crew of the Eye work diligently to trade and sell the salvage from Bonerack Isle and the Slithering Coast and to replenish provisions and fresh water. Additionally, the PCs all acquire a new personal contact of some sort.

Senghor - Day 1 (Solos)
All by myself....I wanna be all by myself

Mykale: His solo actually starts the night before when the ship arrives in port. Mykale is sent ashore to scout out the city. After stopping at five different waterfront taverns and dives to check out possible merchants and traders and someone “who deals in non-standard wares.” He gets a few leads and is pointed toward a possible contact. Mykale follows him from the tavern but winds up losing the guy in the twisting canals of the city. While making his way back to the ship he comes across a woman being assaulted by a pair of thugs. He breaks it up and escorts the woman home. Although shaken, out of gratitude she asks him to stay with her for a while. Nothing sexual happens but she does ask him to come back in the morning and she will make sure he is rewarded properly. The next day he returns and she introduces him to her father, Ledaxis Brunt, a medium level fence who is quickly working his way up the ladder in town. In return for saving his daughter, Ledaxis gives Mykale a pair of gloves of reconnaissance and offers his fencing services.

Dalteri: Shortly after the morning bells, a collection of militia arrives to escort Dalteri to a summons by the Harbor Master. He is introduced to the true Harbor Master and Defender to the Senghor Fleet; Jokuma Moromo. She grills him over the rules of the port and more specifically on the official position on piracy and slavery. When she asks our business in port, Dalteri relays the story of the parties escape from Captain Barnabus Harrigan and how they came to be in Senghor. She states there is no love lost for Harrigan and that she will keep the whereabouts of his ship away from Harrigan. They share a drink then informs Dalteri that the Senghor Navy is missing a ship. He replies he has no knowledge of the missing ship. She says that any information leading to the return or recovery of the ship or personnel will be rewarded appropriately.

Shanun: She spends the morning taking inventory of the merchants Mykale found and purchases supplies needed to repair the ship from the skum attack. By mid day the supplies arrive and she takes them aboard. She organizes the crew and sets them to work making the repairs. Afterwards, she heads into town and finds a library. She makes friends (flirts) with a clerk by the name of Yabish Felkin. She enlists his aide in doing research on the history of the Hurricane King and the current King, Kerdak Bonefist.

Sandara: She visits the Temple of the Howling Wind and inquires with one of the acolytes about a church to Besmara. She is directed to Kjenka Gorunda at The Pirate’s Luck Tavern. When Sandara arrives, she is led down to a small basement room laid out as a small temple and meets the city’s high priestess of Besmara. After a long discussion, Gorunda asks Sandar if they can take on some crew; some followers who need to make penance with Besmara and can only do so while serving aboard a ship under a strong Captain. Sandara says she will speak with her Captain about it, but thinks they can come to an accord. In fact, Dalteri does agree to this suggestion and takes on 10 sailors from Senghor. They arrive shortly before evening bells and are given berths below deck.

Surah: In the afternoon, she takes a visit to the Senghor Market at the center of town. While there she sees a small Garundi child who beckons her to follow her, which she does. The child leads her through town and out of the city to a small thatched hut near the beach on the east side of the entrance to the port. Here she is met by a man by the name of Djimbe. He tells her he had a dream of her arrival and that he had a message for her, “You will find what you seek if you look to the eye.” They exchange some ingredients and information about their patrons.

Qichalo: While out exploring the canals and waterways of the city at night, He comes upon a merchant being mugged by two thieves. He comes out of the water and saves the man, but in the process kills the two thugs. At first afraid, the merchant gets over the shock of Qichalo’s appearance and brings him into his shop which is close by to hide out from the militia as they respond to the cries from the fight. In gratitude the merchant has several pounds of cured and dried beef delivered to the ship. Qichalo tells him that any unusual finds that he discovers in his travels he will bring to him for sale.

Senghor - Day 1
Seeing new places and making new friends
5th of Sarenith, 4713

Having arrived in Senghor the night before, Dalteri lets the crew disembark in shifts as drawn up by Rosie. Those on duty bring up the spoils of their trip so far and the begin to sort things out to sell and trade. Qichalo agrees to stay aboard ship and guard it from any unexpected intrusions while in port.

Through several new acquaintances made by Mykale from the night before, the ship is able to sell all its wares. We eventually are able to sell everything for 2220gp. The Dalteri spends 400gp to replenish the food and stores for the ship and pay the men for there service until now.

With the departure of the passengers from Rickety’s Squibs, the two tengu travelers official join as crew members. Additionally, Dalteri with the help of Sandara is able to recruit 10 more crewmen to give the ship a full compliment.

Hag's Eye - Day 4
Now that's a shipload of skum
4th of Sarenith, 4713

As the ship moves further south they notice a few sails off on the horizon moving away from them. Kroop mentions that they are close if not already in Senghor waters, so they should not take any actions which can be interpreted as pirate activity otherwise the port might be closed to them. As they draw closer to Senghor, Hag’s Eye draws within sight of the shore.

Late in the afternoon, the ship is attacked by a massive wave of skum. It is a hectic struggle for the first couple of rounds until Surah casts sleep and lightning bolt back to back rounds and eliminates a significant number of enemies to even out the fight and allow the party to establish a defensive front. Eventually, the party is able to defeat the beasts and takes one as a prisoner. Surah questions him (in Aquan) and discovers he was part of a raiding party for a tribe living off the coast near the ruins of Boali. The PCs lock up the skum in the brig with plans to turn him over to authorities in Senghor. In exchange for not turning him in, he offers to serve “the witch” as a slave if she will spare his life. She agrees as long as he does not harm any member of the crew. If he does, she will make sure to track down his tribe and exact revenge. He agrees to the terms.

After the attack, the two clerics channel positive energy to heal the party as well as any injured crew members from dealing with attacks on them. The ship has some slight damage to sails and rigging and such, so presses on as best it can. Shortly before sundown, they make port in Senghor after some initial negotiations (i.e., bribes) with the harbormaster. The captain states the crew will stay aboard ship the first night, but will be allowed to disembark the next day.

Dalteri pulls Mykale aside and sends him into town to scout out locations for possible trade of goods and collect information on who to deal with. During his excursion, he finds a few merchants and dealers willing to handle some business with their ship. He also finds a few taverns where they might find more crew. While scouting out a lead on a fence, he comes upon a young woman being sexually assaulted. He comes to her aide and drives off the two assailants. He escorts her home and she brings him inside for comfort. After a couple hours of talking, she tells him to come back tomorrow so she can introduce him to her father to properly thank him. After a few hours, He returns to the ship and reports His findings and contacts.

Hag's Eye - Day 3
The sahuagin come to visit
3rd of Sarenith, 4713

The day begins as the previous ended, rain. The morning is spent sailing through a continuous line of storms as it makes its way south across the Fever Sea.

In the afternoon, the ships breaks out of the squall line and the weather is clear as it comes toward night. Dalteri is on deck talking with Surah when they notice a group of sahuagin attempting to board the ship. Surah uses message to summon the party to the deck who take up defensive positions. Using surprise the party quickly destroy the creatures. However, one does escape and one is put to sleep and captured. When Surah and Mykale try to interrogate him, he swallows a puffer fish needle and commits suicide. After the battle, everyone returns to their normal routine and the standard watch is established in case more come to avenge their dead companions.

Hag's Eye - Day 2
Into every life a little rain must fall
2nd of Sarenith, 4713

As the crew comes on deck for morning assignments and orders, they are greeted by an unusual sight. Far off the starboard side of the ship, they witness a battle between a giant octopus and giant sperm whale. The battle is fierce and lasts for several minutes. The ship manages to keep its distance and the rest of the day is uneventful.

Late in the afternoon the ship enters into a line of rain showers but it is not a major storm so the ship is in no danger from the wind or belting rain.

Hag's Eye - Day 1
A new day - A new ship
1st of Sarenith, 4713

The PCs and crew wake to their last day at Rickety Squibs. The day repairs are completed in the early morning hours and the rechristening ceremony is scheduled for shortly after noon. Captain Merrill Pegsworthy conducts the ceremony and gives the traditional toast “Good fortune and sure sail await what one can crack the Tidewater Rock.” and then breaks a bottle of Sargavan wine. The ceremony takes place shortly after noon and Captain Thaeln and Captain Pegsworhty exchange gifts. Thaeln gives Pegsworthy the engraved scrimshaw blade recovered from Bonewrack Isle and Pegsworthy gives Dalteri a map leading to the lost treasure of Mgange Cove.

He says, “Mgange Cove is not too far from Tidewater Rock. If I had the time, I would look into this for myself. However, I never seem to find the time with all the looting of fat Chelish merchants and all. But, perhaps a young intrepid Captain looking to make a name for himself can look into the rumors and see if they are true…as well as trying His hand at the Rock.”

Dalteri pays for the repairs and upgrades by giving Rickety the vindictive harpoon. Rickety tells Dalteri that because of the value of the harpoon he will give him one free repair to any damage to the ship when they need it as long as He controls the dry dock. Then he departs via the longboat and the Dalteri gives the orders to set sail. The Hag’s Eye turns east to follow along the Slithering Coast and when out of sight of the port, turns south to head out into open waters toward Senghor to transport the group of jinx eaters as earlier agreed.

Just after the night watch takes over, there is a cry as the ship is under attack by 3 saltwater merrows. The fight is harrowing as both Mykale and Dalteri are rendered unconscious. In fact Mykale’s body is tossed overboard while dying and Surah has to disengage and fly to his rescue. Eventually, the party outslugs it with the giant saltwater merrows and two are killed while the third escapes. Afterwards the clerics exhaust their channeling to heal the party


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