Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood - Day 16
A surprise attack
9th of Desnus, 4713

Another grueling day for the party members with the same tasks as yesterday. However, during the early afternoon Narwhal Tate surprise attacks Surah from behind and tries to rape her. He is able to successfully attack her from behind and knocks her unconscious. He does rape her and brutally beats her and gets out of the galley without being discovered. what he doesn’t know is that ChikChak sees what happens. Fishguts comes back from sleeping off his hangover and finds a bloody and beaten Surah and raises the alarm.

The Captain orders an investigation be done which Plugg reluctantly agrees to conduct. Since this was not part of Plugg’s or Scourge plans, he gives a half effort as he does enjoy that it was a party member that was attacked and injured. Surah is taken to the Stitchman’s room where she is treated and healed by Shanun and Sandara. She is given rest of day off by Fishguts.

At Bloody Hour, Plugg announces to the Captain that the attacker has not been identified but the search will continue. Dalteri and Myale are fatigued again after shift and return to their berths to sleep. However, Surah has spoken to ChikChak and knows it was Narwhal and decides to exact her own revenge. While he sleeps, she places her arcane mark on him and makes sure it is visible to him but invisible to all others.

The Wormwood - Day 15
Getting the attention of the boss
8th of Desnus, 4713

After the last couple of days, the party has begun to come under the scrutiny of Mr Plugg himself as he is beginning to see them as threats to his authority. He assigns each PC the one task they like the least and makes nearly impossible demands on their time. Mykale is assigned to upper rigging work, Mykale is assigned to swab the decks and Shanun is tasked with a near continuous string of repairs. He is hoping that by increasing their workload, he can either grind them down or provoke some reaction which will justify taking more harsh forms of punishment than lashes. He knows that the crew fears him, but he also understands that the crew will not simply stand punishment with no reason.

Today while preparing meals Surah discovers 4 waterskins which she sells to Grok for half price (2gp). Mykale and Dalteri are both fatigued at day’s end decide to sleep while the girls entertain.

Week 2 Summary - The Wormwood
The Sound and The Fury
1-7 Desnus, 4713

As the week begins, the Wormwood is suffering through a miserable epidemic of filth fever. It has incapacitated several crewmembers, one of which is Captain Harrigan. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the ship is getting pummeled by a major storm. The party, along with the crew, struggle to keep the ship from being destroyed but ultimately are successful. After the storm passes, the crew is left to ride out the epidemic until it too passes.

Although the party is showing signs of improving their skills, Mr Plugg and Master Scourge are not growing any fonder of the party. In fact, they are starting to go out of their way to deliberately pick on the party members. An attempt is made on Surah’s life when she is knocked overboard into the midst of a pack of sharks, however, she is able to use her sea animal empathy to evade the sharks and escape the situation. On a separate occassion, Scourge tries to implicate Dalteri in a theft aboard the ship. The party is able to thwart the plan through an elaborate plan of their own which involves the assistance of a couple of helpful crewmembers.

The party really starts to explore their fighting styles and capabilities. They are involved in three separate battles, the aforementioned sharks, a group of reefclaws and a solitary adero. In fact, the encounter with the reefclaws causes the Captain to recognize their caapabilities and earns a very small amount of respect as the meat is used for a special dinner for the officers. This only serves to drive a growing wedge betwwen the party and Scourge.

The week draws to a close with the party completing training in boarding techniques.

The Wormwood - Day 14
It's off to school we go

H6. 7th of Desnus, 4713

As the party make their morning preparations, they are rousted by the raging voice of Riaris Kriane, the ship’s master gunner. She tells all the “new passengers from Port Peril” that they are finally going to learn how to be pirates today. They are excused from daily tasks, but belong to her for the day until she gets them properly trained in boarding ships. Mykale easily completes the training and is noted by Kriane as “being a natural.” However, one of the NPCs is so inept that he gets tangled in the rope and grapple and falls into the water from the jetty boat. His floundering attracts the attention an adaro who attacks the hapless sailor. The party jumps into the water to try and rescue the man while fighting off the adaro. The man is severly injured but survives while the party fights off and kills the adaro, thanks to a well-timed critical hit by Mykale. Because of the fight, Kriane calls off the rest of the training after she is confident that all the party members are capable of performing a grappling attack and can board an enemy ship.

The Wormwood - Day 13
A miracle!!!

H6. 6th of Desnus, 4713

A few days ago, Badger Medlar appeared to be on his death bed, but through the concerted effort of Dalteri, Shanun and Surah all using their Heal skills to fight the disease and he has been cured finally, the last crewman to pull through. Because of their treatment, he is a firm ally with the PCs.

The rest of the day is spent conducting normal chores and trying to stay out of the crosshairs of Scourge which for the most part is largely successful.

The Wormwood - Day 12
Seek and ye shall find
5th of Desnus, 4713

The day starts out normal with regular duties assigned, but as predicted, Scourge and Plugg conduct a sweep of the ship for a brooch “stolen” from “Caulky” Tarroon, the Captain’s whore, er cabin girl. However, Tilly sees Scourge plant the brooch in Dalteri’s locker before the search and takes it for herself. She gives the brooch to Shanun who passes it to Dalteri who slips it to Mykale who finally is able to access the officer’s quarters while delivering a message to Habbly Quarne concerning the disposition of Badger Medlar who is the last remaining crewman sick from the disease. Quarne leaves the cabin hurriedly leaving Mykale alone for a few minutes. Mykale is able to pick the lock on Scourge’s locker and plant the brooch inside and relock the chest. He slips out a port hole onto the bowspirit, climbs up some rope Dalteri left over the side and back up into the rigging of the ship to continue his tasks. Because of this scheme, the plans of Mr Plugg and Master Scourge are thwarted as the brooch is not found in Dalteri’s locker.

Later that afternoon, Scourge finds the brooch in his locker and is livid. He spends the rest of the day berating Dalteri and Mykale as he suspects them, but has no proof of how they got the brooch let alone planted it in his belongings. He makes up some excuse of loafing and slacking at their jobs to give them 2 lashes each out of spite.

After dinner, the party retires to their quarters and entertains the crew with stories and gambling. Mykale wins 6 gp in gambling games. One crew member is swayed toward the party.

The Wormwood - Day 11
A special treat for the Captain
4th of Desnus, 4713

Slowly the epidemic is starting to fade, but there is one crewman who is not getting better, Badger. Normal duties are assigned with Dalteri stuck hauling rope, Shanun mending sails and caring for minor crew injuries and Mykale performing lookout. Surah tasked to help prepare a special meal for the Captain and officers. As such, when Mykale spots a series of reefs, Plugg calls all the party members together along with Jack Scrimshaw. They are assigned to go ashore to the reef and fill the crab pots for the dinner. The party begins to hunt for crabs when the are attacked by four reefclaws. Shanun detects the attack developing and warns the party.

The battle is fairly chaotic as Mykale, Shanun and Surah are hit and poisoned by the reefclaws. A wayward claw attack from Surah hits Dalteri, but the big hero from the fight is Jack who goes unscathed. The poison wears off fairly quickly and is only a minor nuisance. Shanun uses her channel energy ability twice to heal the characters.

The characters complete their crabbing mission and even manage to bring back the reefclaws in addition to the filled crab pots. When the party returns to the ship, Mykale is taken to Quarne’s quarters and is further treated and returned to duty.

Due to the inclusion of the reefclaws, the Captain’s special dinner is a major success and rewards the party with a special item from his own personal treasure collection, a potion of cure moderate wounds. Plugg and Scourge are furious at the parties success and make plans to eliminate them as soon as possible. Two crewmembers are swayed to the parties side, one of which is Grok who warns the party that Plugg plans to inspect quarters on the next day in hopes of planting “stolen” goods on the party to exact punishment.

The Wormwood - Day 10
Just another day for you and me in paradise
3rd of Desnus, 4713

For the first time in several days, the crew finally gets a seemingly quiet day. The epidemic still rages as two new crew members, Rosie and Ratline show signs of the disease, but the rest of the crew goes about their normal duties as Mr Plugg commands the ship for a second day. Mykale is assigned line work, Dalteri and Shanun work on repairs while Surah is busy catching fish for the nights meal. The party is able to use the time during the day to influence 4 crew members.

While Surah is fishing a school of sharks begin going after the fish she attempts to catch. As some crew members come over to investigate, a crewman friendly to Scourge bumps into Surah and knocks her overboard “by accident.” Surah uses her sea animal empathy to befriend all the sharks except one which attacks her. She uses her empathy to make the other sharks “protect” her until she can get out of the water. Mykale and Dalteri both noticed that she is pushed by Flips Chumlett. Dalteri threatens and intimidates him that if she is injured, he will make sure the Captain finds out he tried to kill a crew member. They both get a rope to Surah and pull her out as the sharks fight amongst themselves.

After the incident, Surah returns to the galley to finish the meal and in the process discovers a spear tucked behind a storage cabinet for spices.

At Bloody Hour, Scourage is placed in a position where he must “investigate” the attempted murder, but neither Mykale or Dalteri finger Flips. This is a positive influence on him. At night, Surah and Shanun both talk to Grok, woman-to-woman improving her disposition to the party. Mykale entertains the crew with some gambling and stories.

The Wormwood - Day 9
You survived the storm, but can you survive the day?
2nd of Desnus, 4713

Although the storm has died out, the epidemic has not. Today Badger, Narwhal Tate and The Captain exhibit the symptoms. With the storm passed, the Captain resumes the quarantine for any sick and holes up in his own quarters leaving Mr Plugg in command for the day. Even though all crewmembers struggled all night with the storm, daily chores and tasks are assigned as normal. Dalteri is assigned to the bilges. Surah is tasked to catch turtles as well as fix all meals, but in the process of preparing the food, she discovers 2 pounds of soap buried under some rotting rags by the sink. Shanun is busy mending and making repairs and tending the sick while Mykale is given lookout detail.

At the end of the shift both Shanun and Mykale are completely exhausted and collapse from fatigue. Plugg orders six lashes for both and Scourge gleefully accomodates. Five other crew members get lashes but only get three instead of six. Afterwards, Surah treats Shanun with a cure lt wounds potion and Shanun uses her channel energy to heal Mykale, then they all sleep. Dalteri and Tilly sneak off to the storeroom for some sex, but are not discovered.

The Wormwood - Day 8
If not for the courage of the fearless crew...
1st of Desnus, 4713

The storm hits full force as does the epidemic. Today Grok and Slippery Syl are showing signs of the disease. Due to the force of the storm, the Captain has changed his orders and all crew are called on deck to guide the ship through the storm. All party members are assigned rigger duty for the duration of the storm vice their normal daily tasks. Shanun and Surah are assigned rigging repair. Dalteri is given rope work detail and Mykale is made to serve lookout duty.

Because of the storm there is no evening retreat or entertainment and all are forced to work a second shift. This time, Mykale and Shanun are performing upper rigging work while Surah handles the standard rope work. Dalteri is given mainsail duty. Shanun and Surah both see Shivkah washed overboard and try and throw rope to him but are not successful. They notify Dalteri and Mykale who also try and fail to get a rope to him. Surah then grabs the rope and ties it around her waist and jumps into the water and swims it over to him and then helps him get back to the ship.

Over the course of the night, the storm slowly peeters out. Although the party and crew are busy, there are no additional major incidents. Word of the rescue begins to make its way through the crew and even the Captain has to commend the party for saving a crewmember, but he also berates them for leaving their posts. In the end, they receive no punishment.


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