Skull & Shackles

Rickety's Squibs - Day 6
Rickety Tiki Tavi
30th of Desnus, 4713

The party breaks camp and heads back to Rickety’s outpost by retracing their steps through the coastal jungles around the small port. They reach the small port town a little after noon. Dalteri relays the story of the sea hag for the workers and the crew, but does not reveal the fact that it is Surah’s mother.

Rickety seems in a panic as the repairs are near finish but needs a new name and decorative prow for the ship. After a quick vote among the PCs and an agreement by the officers, the ship name is called Hag’s Eye. Even Surah concurs with this name. The discussion is quickly broken up as a large black cloud of birds suddenly comes up from the surrounding trees. But it is soon made very clear that it is a swarm of wasps with several giant wasps amongst the swarm. Everyone in town dashes for cover and the PCs are hunkered down in The Commons when they see a small halfling female being attacked by a group of giant wasps who are trying to pick her up and carry her off. The party comes to her aid. The struggle is quick as Surah summons a lightning bolt and fries a wasp and most of the swarm. Qichalo grabs and squeezes one until dead and the other two are eliminated by the rest of the party, but Mykale is stung and collapses from the wasps poison after being stung.

As the clerics are moving about to heal the wounded and lend aid as best they can, there is another call to alarm as a Chelish galleon is anchored in the bay and a longboat approaches the dock with a fairly large shore party. The men disembark on the dock with a cry as a muscular Andoran steps forward, “Ahoy Rickety!”

Even as his fellow buccaneers form a defensive line behind the Captain, Dalteri recognizes the situation and his attire and steps forward, “Well met Captain. Captain Dalteri Thaeln, most recently of the Wormwood out of Port Peril. My crew and I welcome you to join in our festivities.”

The man smiles and nods, “Captain Merrill Pegsworthy, and his crew, accept your offer Captain. It is always nice to meet a man of independent spirit and fortitude who can earn his way from under Captain Harrigan.” He then spits on the ground.

Dalteri replies, “Aye, Here’s to Captain Harrigan’s health.” and then he too spits on the ground and both men share a laugh. Captain Pegsworthy assures Thaeln that the parties secret is safe with him and his crew and requests the honor of christening the new ship when she is ready. Dalteri accepts the request and the two Captains shake hands and the crews begin to mingle. Rickety comes forward and almost berates Pegsworthy for not following the signal that the port was occupied and he replies that there was no signal given. Rickety informs the party that this is not a good sign and asks them to investigate the signal house on the tip of the cape.

The party goes up to the signal house. Along the path they are attacked by two wild boars but are able to defeat the creatures. Arriving at the house, they discover the dead body of Lyle Godwin, the usually drunk but dutiful watchman, lying alongside two dead wasps. Surah inspects the body and determines that He was stung by a wasp from the earlier attack and had an allergic reaction to the poison. The group decides to carry the body back to town for burial. The PCs notice that as they carry the body back with them, his parrot follows them, squawking the entire way. When the party returns and informs Rickety of their finding, He understands what happens and allows the PCs to keep anything they found at the tower in exchange for their effort. He also says He will cut an extra 300gp off the price of the squib for fighting off the swarm previously.

Once back in town, Surah withdraws from the group and breaks down as she finally confronts the notion of her mother being a monster. Mykale comes upon her and comforts her as a friend. They do kiss, but it goes no further than that as they are inadvertently interrupted by a group of workers returning home from their shift.

Mykale does ask her what she wishes to do since what they set out for has now been completed. Surah states she wants to stay with their new friends, at least for a while.

During the evenings festivities, Shanun informs the group about a dream she had in which she had a vision of the Hurricane King and Captain Harrigan along with the outline of an unknown island. Based on the description, The local druid and steward, Chandra Bristlewick says it sounds like Tidewater Rock. Rickety and Pegsworthy relays the history of Tidewater Rock and how it relates to Bonefist and Harrigan.

Slithering Coast - Day 2
All in the Family
29th of Desnus, 4713

The PCs wake up to discover that Surah is missing. Quickly pulling from camp, they begin to track her movement. Following her steps, the group comes upon a cave entrance. As they approach the entrance they are suddenly set upon by a group of coral vegepygmies. Mykale kills one instantly and Shanun summons a lightning elemental ally. The PCs kill off half of their attackers. One calls out and more come pouring out of the cave to replace them. Dalteri and Sandara notice that the plant creatures are resistant to the elementals electricity, but still take damage from being slammed by it. The group slugs its out with the small tribe of plant creatures, but eventually kills or runs off all of them. A quick energy burst from Sandara heals all damage done before they enter the cave.

Inside the cave, they follow a few winding passages until they arrive around the corner just outside a large chamber and the PCs can hear voices arguing….one of them is Surah’s. The other voice is very raspy and with overtones of shrieks as she calls out to her daughter. the PCs look surprised but prepare for battle. Sandara prepares with obscuring mist, instant armor and bless while Shanun casts shield of faith, magic weapon and prepares silence.

Surah continues her argument with Elidzah, a sea hag which is her mother. Surah notices the mist and recognizes it as Sandara’s spell and knows the party is near. Due to the presence of the party she finds the strength to refuse her mother’s “gift” of joining her and starting a coven. Mother attacks Surah and the PCs come to her aid. As the party comes out, they are immediately affected by the hag’s horrific appearance. Dalteri is weakened by the hag’s appearance while the others make their save. The hag focuses her attacks on her wayward daughter and manages to hit her several times to deal her damage. She uses her evil eye on Surah, Sandara and Mykale who all manage to save against its effects. After a brief struggle, Mykale beheads the hag from behind, killing it and freeing Surah of her curse of becoming a hag.

After a brief search and resting for a couple of hours, the party begins the journey back to the outpost of Rickety’s Squibs. There are no other encounters this day and the group makes it halfway back before making camp for the night. Shanun use channel energy to fully heal everyone.

Week 5 Summary - Slithering Coast
Back to the Mainland
22-28 Desnus, 4713

After the weeks of torment on the Wormwood under Captain Harrigan, and then the Man’s Promise, under Mr Plugg, this week was a veritable vacation. After fighting off the attack of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, the PCs are left in charge of the Man’s Promise and Dalteri is selected as the Captain by all aboard. After departing Bonerack Isle, the PCs decide to take the ship and set out to ge it refitted or “squibbed”. There are two relatively minor encounters at seas before they reach port. All characters infected by the ghouls of Bonerack Isle recover from their disease before the ship makes port at a small hidden outpost called Rickety’s Squibs.

The Captain successfully negotiates the reconfiguration and upgrading of the Man’s Promise. However, since the repairs will take over a week’s time,the crew is left to relax and recurperate in and around the town. Due to the popularity of the Captain, the crew does not make any trouble ashore. Meeting up with a small group of Tengu Jinx Eaters, Dalteri agrees to take them to Senghor with two agreeing to join the crew. This is seen by the other crew members as a sign of good fortune and luck.

While in port, the party winds up coming to the aid of Rickety’s workers twice when they are attacked, first by a water naga seeking refuge from the searing heat and a incutilis which stumbles into town. This second attack almost leads to the death of Surah, but the PCs prevailed after a bumbling struggle which saw the PCs overcome numerous critical fumbles. Due to these attacks, the party delays an expedition to seek the source of Surah’s dreams and the almost constant pull she has felt since arriving in port.

The party is a day east of the small bay and outpost when the week comes to an end.

Slithering Coast - Day 1
Following your dream
28th of Desnus, 4713

The party departs Rickety’s Squibs as they planned the day before. They follow the river inland for a ways and then cut across to the east side. Surah provides directions for the pull she has been following, but Dalteri and Mykale take the lead. The journey is relatively uneventful and there are no encounters, but Surah indicates that the tug is getting stronger in the direction they are headed. Although they find tracks and see signs of several animals, they do not encounter any hostile creatures. The party sets up camp along the banks of a parched dry stream bed, signs of the draught even this far out from the small town.

Rickety's Squibs - Day 3
Is that nagahyde?
27th of Desnus, 4713

The party gathers their gear in preparation to escorting Surah to find the cause of her unnatural urges and the dreams she suffers from. She says the pulls is coming from the east. As the party is making their way by the boathouse, they can see several of the offduty workers preparing a game of ninepins. They ask the PCs if they want to play, but the party declines and explains they are on an expedition and could be gone a couple of days.

Just as they turn away there is a cry from the drydock area and a splash as one of the workers is attacked by something in the river. The party moves immediately to aid the workers and defend them from whatever is attacking. Coming to the defense they see an enraged water naga who has attacked two workers. One is bitten severely and the other is whipslapped by the tail. Qichalo is the first to enter the water but is unable to hit the creature. Shanun casts shield of faith and moves forward to attack. Surah jumps into the water and heals the seriously injured worker, then passes her off to other workers to be pulled from the water. As Dalteri moves to attack, he trips over one of the scattered tenpins and falls upon his own sword for critical damage. Mykale trips over Dalteri and pulls a muscle in the process. (-1 hit/dmg) As he tries to regain his feet, Mykale stumbles again and winds up kicking his sword off the dock and into the water. Sandara finally makes contact with the creature. Surah swings wildly and hits Dalteri and Shanun. Qichalo finally hits and does signigficant damage while ChikChak provides a minor distraction. Sandara casts bless on the PCs and allies. Shanun casts silence to prevent the naga of casting spells. Owlbear and Cog respond to the initial sounds of combat and yeling from the workers and join the fray. Finally Qichalo is able to gore the snake and get a wrap around its neck with a tentacle and eventually strangles it, ending the combat but those bitten continue to suffer the effects of it’s poison.

After combat is over, the party recovers and recuperates. Shanun and Sandara each channel energy to heal the group some. Rickety thanks Dalteri and says he will knock off 500gp off the price of the squib due to their assistance in defending his workers. The town steward arrives and heals the PCs. Because of the attack, the party delays their expedition until tomorrow in order to give a full day of healing and rest.

The rest of the day is relatively quiet, until screams come from the housing area beyond the boathouse draws the PCs and the Steward to respond. They come across a zombie-like being with a shelled helmet and tentacles. Qichalo says this is an incutilis and needs to wiped out. Surah is hit and grabbed. The party all hit the zombie but does little damage with each hit. In the process of trying to break free, Surah slips and hits her head and is dazed. Qichalo warns the party to break Surah free before the thing can hit her again. Sandara is finally able to break her free and pulls her away. The zombie next grabs Dalteri, but Sandara hits the zombe and the helmet falls away and the zombie collapes. As it falls, the tentacles pull free of the zombie and wither and draw up into the shell, the incutilis finally dead. No one in town recognizes the zombie victim so it is assumed that he is from
somewhere up the river. He appears to be of the tribes, but can not determine exact racial stock outside of Garundi. Afterwards, the party settles down to rest and prepare for their trip tomorrow. Dalteri decides to leave Qichalo in town and take Sandara with the group.

Rickety's Squibs - Day 2
26th of Desnus, 4713

With the crew of the Man’s Promise without a ship for the next week, Capt Dalteri gives them liberty for the next 5 days. However rather than sending everyone off in different directions, He breaks them up into 4 5-person teams, each with at least one officer in charge. Each team is given an assignment.

Team 1 – fresh food
Rosie, Maheem, Zahir, Fishguts, Qichalo
Team 2 – fresh water
Eshe, Syl, Jawara, Owlbear, Flips
Team 3 – goods and equipment
Cog, Aretta, Sefu, Amara, Turloch
Team 4: PCs – investigate area and recruit new crew
Dalteri, Mykale, Surah Shanun, Sandara

Qichalo makes quite an impression in town and although he is not harrassed, most of the workers give him a wide berth. To help win over the town he finds some reefclaws in a small coastal area and brings them back for a feast meal for the workers as well as for the ship.

A couple of the tengus have approached Dalteri and have asked to join the crew after dropping off the others at Senghor. Dalteri accepts the offer.

The PCs visit Godwin’s watch and question Godwin. He tells the PCs that the region is in the midst of a draught and the supply ship from Bloodcove is still at least a week away. They figure out how the signalling system works and discover Godwin is a tremendous drunk. They promise to bring him a bottle of rum on their next visit in a few days.

Sandara and Shanun meet the town Steward, Chandra Bristlewick, a druid in service to Gozreh. She questions them on events and how they came to “the Squibs.” Sandara tells the tale of how they were shipwrecked and rescued only to be attacked by Plugg and Scourge. Sandara says the PCs not only saved her from a tribe of grindlows, but the entire crew from the machinations of Plugg and Scourge.

At the end of the day, the teams return and report the impact of the draught on the region around town. The river is down and there are signs of the jungle beginning to dry up and die off in some areas. As part of the feast prepared by Kroops and Surah, the crew entertains the workers with tales. Eshe shares a story of the history of the Man’s Promise and a battle and flight through the Arches of Aroden when a Thuvian pirate vessel squared off against Chelish Navy ships.

Rickety's Squibs - Day 1
The Art of the Deal
25th of Desnus, 4713

Man’s Promise finally reaches sight of the Slithering Coast and makes its way to a small promontory along the shoreline. As the Man’s Promise begins to come around the the tall headland, a hidden cove at the mouth of a wide jungle river comes into view. The waters of the river are an ugly muddy brown which oozes into the bright crystal blue of the Fever Sea to stain it the way a bruise stains the skin. A series of docks dot the river banks along the edge of the overhanging jungle. Small huts can be seen in the recesses of the shadows from the trees. A wooden watch tower stands alone on the promontory of the headland, carefully concealed among the trees now reveals itself as you see a checkerd red and yellow flag is raised above the tower. In response a blue flag is hoisted on a yardarm in the dock area. Looking through a spyglass you can see several humans board a longboat and begin rowing out toward the ship. As the boat approaches, they ask the ship to drop anchor along with permission to come aboard. Captain Thaeln grants it.

He greets Rickety Hake, former buccaneer and proprietor of Rickety’s Squibs. After some initial small talk and negotiation, Rickety gives an initial quote of a minimum of one week and 2500gp to complete the work. While Dalteri negotiates, Fishguts Kroop bring some food and rum up to the deck and Rickety is impressed with the food, as well as a few winks from Surah who helps serve the food. He agrees to cut the cost by 500gp “for an old friend who brings him a new friend.” Rickety informs Dalteri that He can also make improvements to the ship. Dalteri agrees to the smuggling holds and a new figurehead. Dalteri agrees to the deal and Rickety asks to allow His men to take the ship into dry dock. Captain Thaeln shows Rickety their treasure to verify they have the means to pay for the repairs.

The crew of Man’s Promise is allowed to go ashore and carouse and explore the small hamlet. Most of the sailors hang around the building known as The Commons or watch their ship being hauled out of the water and into the dry dock. As promised, Dalteri allows any sailor who wishes to leave the crew do so, however, no one takes up the offer, but rather they all decide to reup for the next leg of their journey…wherever that may take them. However, the ship is still slightly shorthanded and so recruiting begins. Dalteri has promised to not press gang any from town.

Rickety instructs the pirates that they can stay in the Commons while the ship is in repair but all food and drink and equipment will cost them normal prices. Once the crew is ashore, the rest of the day is spent in drink and food and carousing. However, toward dusk a group of tengu jinx eaters enter town from along the western coast. They inquire about finding passage to Sengthor in the Mwangi expanse. Dalteri informs them that if they are willing to wait then they can find passage on His ship….or can enlist as part of the crew. The leader of the tengu says he will consider the offer and give him an answer the next day.

A New Promise - Day 3
Why did it have to be snakes?
24th of Desnus, 4713

Shortly after the crew rally on the deck for the morning assignments, the crow’s nest calls out that the ship is being tailed…literally. A giant sea snake is chasing behind the ship. The crew prepares weapons in anticipation of an attack, but the snake simply trails behind for hours until shortly before the noon hour, it finally gets hungry enough to attack.

Quickly climbing aboard the ship, the snake climbs into the rigging and immediately disembowels a pirate and drops him to the deck where he flounders a bit before Surah casts cure light wounds to save him from dying. The entire crew comes to fight off the beast byt each round he hits a crew man and leaves them dying. When the party does serious enough damage to him (down to 25% hp) he attempts to escape back into the ocean, but the crew is able to finish him off before he can slither back off the edge and into the sea. Surah salvages some of the meat for Kroop to cook for the crew and she collects the poison sacs for herself.

The rest of the day is uneventful and the crew begins to make preparations for making port the next day.

A New Promise - Day 2
Back to work boys
23rd of Desnus, 4713

Man’s Promise departs Bonewrack Isle and sets sail for Rickety’s Squibs. With favorable weather and a seemingly complacent crew, the ship makes good progress but as is the way of pirates, a moment of quiet never lasts too long. Late in the day, two of the crew, Maheem and Zahir, get into a fist fight on deck. After the fight is broken up, Dalteri orders they both be given 2 rope bashes and then he then admonishes the crew to remind them that they are short handed and reminds them of the code that they taught to the party when they were all aboard the Wormwood. Although many are friends, he will maintain discipline for the good of the ship and the crew.

After dinner the crew is relaxing when there is a call from the deck…" Sea Scourge!" Dalteri orders “All hands on deck.” and the crew defends the ship. Surah casts resistance on a party member on each round and throws her darts. Dalteri jumps into the fray but is caught in the grasp of the ooze. The ooze also shoots out a stream of acid which hits Dalteri, Surah and two crewmen. Qichalo comes forward and hits the ooze and also grabs it in his tentacles which hampers its ability to attack but does not pull him off Dalteri. Because the ooze is so slow, everybody hits with their attacks and eventually kills it off the next round. After the ooze is killed the crew hurridly wash off the deck and the sides of the ship to minimize any damage from the acid. Dalteri and Qichalo jump overboard to wash off the acid on their skin and armor. After they are hauled back aboard ship, the crew retires for rest and their mormal nighttime activities. Sandara and Shanun use their channel energy ability to heal the party.

A New Promise - Day 1
Under new management
22nd of Desnus, 4713

The crew of Man’s Promise float the ship at high tide. It appears that all repairs have taken and are holding. Afterwards Captain Thaeln gathers the crew on the main deck and addresses them. He thanks those that aided the party. For those that were either against the party or stood by, he promises to be fair but will not broke any dissension amongst the crew since everyone is needed to get back to the mainland. He promises a fair share of riches taken for any person who carries their weight. Once they reach port, any who wish to depart will be allowed to do so.

He asserts his command from last night that the crew will have the day off and will be prepared to make sail from the island in the morning. The rest of the day is spent transferring the food and water from the island as well as the rest of the treasure the PCs found. As a retainer, each crewman is given 20gp for the their services from now until they make port … any port.

As the crew brings the provisions aboard from the shore Fishguts approaches Dalteri and tells him that the group needs to worry about what will happen if Capt Harrigan finds out what happened to his ship. Sandara seconds that assessment. If the party plans on keeping the ship for themselves, which they recommend, then they agree that the party should consider following Plugg’s plan and going to Rickety’s Squibbs for a complete and total refit.


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