Master Scourge

"On your feet ye filthy swabs!"


The first crewman of The Wormwood the players meet. They will come to wish it is the last meeting they have with him. He is the boatswain, master-at-arms and ship’s disciplinarian. The last job he carries out with extreme enthusiasm.


Master Scourge is Mr Plugg’s right-hand man. As boatswain he is responsible for for all activities and sailors on the deck. As the master-at-arms, he is responsbile for dishing out all discipline which he relishes with glee. He is a sneeering man with a braided beard and has a mouthful of gold teeth. He is tall and thin, but his long coat and heavy boots fail to give any indication of strength or bulk.

He is a sadistic coward who uses his association with Plugg as protection and in return he displays no morals when it comes to the tasks he carries out for his master. He is bold and violent when the odds are in his favor and when not, he slinks away and finds other opportunities to discredit and ultimately kill any he deems a rival.

Master Scourge

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