Skull & Shackles

Week 6 Summary - Senghor

Bungle in the Jungle

29 Desnus – 5 Sarenith, 4713

The crew of The Hag’s Eye have finally set out on their own and are starting on their journey to adventure and freedom within The Shackles and the surrounding seas. The first week is spent transporting passengers to Senghor, but it is still a week filled with a bit of adventure as the ship encounters a few denizens of the sea.

The big event was surviving a massive attack by a tribe of skum just north of Senghor. However, once safely in port, the crew of the Eye work diligently to trade and sell the salvage from Bonerack Isle and the Slithering Coast and to replenish provisions and fresh water. Additionally, the PCs all acquire a new personal contact of some sort.



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