Skull & Shackles

Senghor - Day 1

Seeing new places and making new friends

5th of Sarenith, 4713

Having arrived in Senghor the night before, Dalteri lets the crew disembark in shifts as drawn up by Rosie. Those on duty bring up the spoils of their trip so far and the begin to sort things out to sell and trade. Qichalo agrees to stay aboard ship and guard it from any unexpected intrusions while in port.

Through several new acquaintances made by Mykale from the night before, the ship is able to sell all its wares. We eventually are able to sell everything for 2220gp. The Dalteri spends 400gp to replenish the food and stores for the ship and pay the men for there service until now.

With the departure of the passengers from Rickety’s Squibs, the two tengu travelers official join as crew members. Additionally, Dalteri with the help of Sandara is able to recruit 10 more crewmen to give the ship a full compliment.



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