Skull & Shackles

Hag's Eye - Day 4

Now that's a shipload of skum

4th of Sarenith, 4713

As the ship moves further south they notice a few sails off on the horizon moving away from them. Kroop mentions that they are close if not already in Senghor waters, so they should not take any actions which can be interpreted as pirate activity otherwise the port might be closed to them. As they draw closer to Senghor, Hag’s Eye draws within sight of the shore.

Late in the afternoon, the ship is attacked by a massive wave of skum. It is a hectic struggle for the first couple of rounds until Surah casts sleep and lightning bolt back to back rounds and eliminates a significant number of enemies to even out the fight and allow the party to establish a defensive front. Eventually, the party is able to defeat the beasts and takes one as a prisoner. Surah questions him (in Aquan) and discovers he was part of a raiding party for a tribe living off the coast near the ruins of Boali. The PCs lock up the skum in the brig with plans to turn him over to authorities in Senghor. In exchange for not turning him in, he offers to serve “the witch” as a slave if she will spare his life. She agrees as long as he does not harm any member of the crew. If he does, she will make sure to track down his tribe and exact revenge. He agrees to the terms.

After the attack, the two clerics channel positive energy to heal the party as well as any injured crew members from dealing with attacks on them. The ship has some slight damage to sails and rigging and such, so presses on as best it can. Shortly before sundown, they make port in Senghor after some initial negotiations (i.e., bribes) with the harbormaster. The captain states the crew will stay aboard ship the first night, but will be allowed to disembark the next day.

Dalteri pulls Mykale aside and sends him into town to scout out locations for possible trade of goods and collect information on who to deal with. During his excursion, he finds a few merchants and dealers willing to handle some business with their ship. He also finds a few taverns where they might find more crew. While scouting out a lead on a fence, he comes upon a young woman being sexually assaulted. He comes to her aide and drives off the two assailants. He escorts her home and she brings him inside for comfort. After a couple hours of talking, she tells him to come back tomorrow so she can introduce him to her father to properly thank him. After a few hours, He returns to the ship and reports His findings and contacts.



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