Skull & Shackles

Hag's Eye - Day 3

The sahuagin come to visit

3rd of Sarenith, 4713

The day begins as the previous ended, rain. The morning is spent sailing through a continuous line of storms as it makes its way south across the Fever Sea.

In the afternoon, the ships breaks out of the squall line and the weather is clear as it comes toward night. Dalteri is on deck talking with Surah when they notice a group of sahuagin attempting to board the ship. Surah uses message to summon the party to the deck who take up defensive positions. Using surprise the party quickly destroy the creatures. However, one does escape and one is put to sleep and captured. When Surah and Mykale try to interrogate him, he swallows a puffer fish needle and commits suicide. After the battle, everyone returns to their normal routine and the standard watch is established in case more come to avenge their dead companions.



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