Skull & Shackles

Senghor - Day 2

Overstaying our Welcome

6th of Sarenith, 4713

The bulk of the day is spent completing the offloading and onloading of treasures and supplies as deals made the previous day are consummated in trade. That night Dalteri gives him men some R&R. While out carousing at a tavern they get caught up into a major fight with the crew of another ship. Dalteri and Mykale are summoned by the militia to the barracks where they meet the Captains of two other ships in dock. They are all informed of the fight and the arrest of their men as being involved in the fight. Fines of 500gp are levied against each ship for damages to the tavern. All the ships are also told to complete any business in town and be gone by noon tomorrow. The Captains are held “as guests of the city” while their mates go back to collect the coin.

Mykale, convinces Surah, Shanun and Sandara to perpetrate a scheme to pay the fine without costing the ship anything. Dalteri waits for the ship to send over payment. While he waits, Surah pretends to try and cast a spell to steal the money from the courier. Shanun comes out and pretends to protect the man and “drive off the witch.” In fact she charms the courier to deliver the money to Dalteri and to call him “Captain Thaeln.” The sailor does indeed carry out the instructions and delivers the money right in front of his own Captain, and then returns to his ship. As the other Captain screams and hollers and threatens to attack Dalteri, the militia men on guard prevent another battle. Dalteri thanks the Captain for his generosity and then departs.

Everyone returns to the ship and the Hag’s Eye departs in the night before anyone can notice and prevent them from leaving port.



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