Skull & Shackles

Senghor - Day 1 (Solos)

All by myself....I wanna be all by myself

Mykale: His solo actually starts the night before when the ship arrives in port. Mykale is sent ashore to scout out the city. After stopping at five different waterfront taverns and dives to check out possible merchants and traders and someone “who deals in non-standard wares.” He gets a few leads and is pointed toward a possible contact. Mykale follows him from the tavern but winds up losing the guy in the twisting canals of the city. While making his way back to the ship he comes across a woman being assaulted by a pair of thugs. He breaks it up and escorts the woman home. Although shaken, out of gratitude she asks him to stay with her for a while. Nothing sexual happens but she does ask him to come back in the morning and she will make sure he is rewarded properly. The next day he returns and she introduces him to her father, Ledaxis Brunt, a medium level fence who is quickly working his way up the ladder in town. In return for saving his daughter, Ledaxis gives Mykale a pair of gloves of reconnaissance and offers his fencing services.

Dalteri: Shortly after the morning bells, a collection of militia arrives to escort Dalteri to a summons by the Harbor Master. He is introduced to the true Harbor Master and Defender to the Senghor Fleet; Jokuma Moromo. She grills him over the rules of the port and more specifically on the official position on piracy and slavery. When she asks our business in port, Dalteri relays the story of the parties escape from Captain Barnabus Harrigan and how they came to be in Senghor. She states there is no love lost for Harrigan and that she will keep the whereabouts of his ship away from Harrigan. They share a drink then informs Dalteri that the Senghor Navy is missing a ship. He replies he has no knowledge of the missing ship. She says that any information leading to the return or recovery of the ship or personnel will be rewarded appropriately.

Shanun: She spends the morning taking inventory of the merchants Mykale found and purchases supplies needed to repair the ship from the skum attack. By mid day the supplies arrive and she takes them aboard. She organizes the crew and sets them to work making the repairs. Afterwards, she heads into town and finds a library. She makes friends (flirts) with a clerk by the name of Yabish Felkin. She enlists his aide in doing research on the history of the Hurricane King and the current King, Kerdak Bonefist.

Sandara: She visits the Temple of the Howling Wind and inquires with one of the acolytes about a church to Besmara. She is directed to Kjenka Gorunda at The Pirate’s Luck Tavern. When Sandara arrives, she is led down to a small basement room laid out as a small temple and meets the city’s high priestess of Besmara. After a long discussion, Gorunda asks Sandar if they can take on some crew; some followers who need to make penance with Besmara and can only do so while serving aboard a ship under a strong Captain. Sandara says she will speak with her Captain about it, but thinks they can come to an accord. In fact, Dalteri does agree to this suggestion and takes on 10 sailors from Senghor. They arrive shortly before evening bells and are given berths below deck.

Surah: In the afternoon, she takes a visit to the Senghor Market at the center of town. While there she sees a small Garundi child who beckons her to follow her, which she does. The child leads her through town and out of the city to a small thatched hut near the beach on the east side of the entrance to the port. Here she is met by a man by the name of Djimbe. He tells her he had a dream of her arrival and that he had a message for her, “You will find what you seek if you look to the eye.” They exchange some ingredients and information about their patrons.

Qichalo: While out exploring the canals and waterways of the city at night, He comes upon a merchant being mugged by two thieves. He comes out of the water and saves the man, but in the process kills the two thugs. At first afraid, the merchant gets over the shock of Qichalo’s appearance and brings him into his shop which is close by to hide out from the militia as they respond to the cries from the fight. In gratitude the merchant has several pounds of cured and dried beef delivered to the ship. Qichalo tells him that any unusual finds that he discovers in his travels he will bring to him for sale.



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