Skull & Shackles

1st of Sarenith, 4713

The PCs and crew wake to their last day at Rickety Squibs. The day repairs are completed in the early morning hours and the rechristening ceremony is scheduled for shortly after noon. Captain Merrill Pegsworthy conducts the ceremony and gives the traditional toast “Good fortune and sure sail await what one can crack the Tidewater Rock.” and then breaks a bottle of Sargavan wine. The ceremony takes place shortly after noon and Captain Thaeln and Captain Pegsworhty exchange gifts. Thaeln gives Pegsworthy the engraved scrimshaw blade recovered from Bonewrack Isle and Pegsworthy gives Dalteri a map leading to the lost treasure of Mgange Cove.

He says, “Mgange Cove is not too far from Tidewater Rock. If I had the time, I would look into this for myself. However, I never seem to find the time with all the looting of fat Chelish merchants and all. But, perhaps a young intrepid Captain looking to make a name for himself can look into the rumors and see if they are true…as well as trying His hand at the Rock.”

Dalteri pays for the repairs and upgrades by giving Rickety the vindictive harpoon. Rickety tells Dalteri that because of the value of the harpoon he will give him one free repair to any damage to the ship when they need it as long as He controls the dry dock. Then he departs via the longboat and the Dalteri gives the orders to set sail. The Hag’s Eye turns east to follow along the Slithering Coast and when out of sight of the port, turns south to head out into open waters toward Senghor to transport the group of jinx eaters as earlier agreed.

Just after the night watch takes over, there is a cry as the ship is under attack by 3 saltwater merrows. The fight is harrowing as both Mykale and Dalteri are rendered unconscious. In fact Mykale’s body is tossed overboard while dying and Surah has to disengage and fly to his rescue. Eventually, the party outslugs it with the giant saltwater merrows and two are killed while the third escapes. Afterwards the clerics exhaust their channeling to heal the party



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